Introducting Atlanta's Best Sidewalks
31 August 2017

I’m sure many of frequent pedestrians in Atlanta have experienced the absurdities of the sidewalk conditions in the city. From just your basic “sidewalkus interruptus” to “sidewalk closed, use other side” on both sides of the street to just a big muddy hole you have to walk in, we have all been victims of the cruel joke of Atlanta’s best sidewalks.

Only in Atlanta: no pedestrian access to park.

Blocking the sidewalk along a busy street with suicide crossings? No problem, just throw up a "sidewalk closed" sign. Pedestrians don't even get a metal plate.

I have launched a gallery to put the best of these examples. I call it Atlanta’s Best Sidewalks. You can find it and post photos of your own favorite sidewalks at:

Go forth and find the best sidewalks in all Atlanta!