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Currently working as a data & technology consultant. I was formerly co-founder and builder of, a great Facebook app and site for finding all the best things to do in your city. We were acquired by Time Out in 2014, where I worked as VP of Technology in the Time Out Labs group. More recently I worked for RTI International to strengthen their global health data technologies capacity.

I mostly prefer to implement first in Ruby on Rails (because it's cleaner, faster, and makes me say "I can't believe that worked on the first try" constantly) and Javascript (tending towards using React nowadays), but have oodles of experience in the web & enterprise Java realms. In a past life, I did Java development for the CDC, working on various PHIN tools. Notably, I created the PHIN Exchange system for use by the CDC and state health departments to pass health alerting messages. In a past, past life, I did mission control software prototyping for NASA while in grad school at Georgia Tech.

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